Becoming a volunteer at the competition

ah1u1439A new year means a new competition to set up, a new competition to organise….

This is of course impossible without our numerous volunteers !!!


Whatever your horse riding skills, your blood type, your physical appearance, your agility, the length of your hair or the amount of freckles you have, whether you speak french or not …                You are most welcome !!

Nothing is easier…

You send us an email with :

✔️ Last Name

✔️ First Name

✔️ Age

✔️ Phone number

✔️ Availibility : Thursday/Friday/Saturday/Sunday

To :

We will take the time to reply and ask a few more questions.

Even for our regulars …

Remember that the competition is nothing without you and that a good event needs the involvement of all.

If you wish to become a volunteer, don’t hesitate anymore, contact us us by mail or via facebook instant messages and come and join the adventure. There will be great sportmanship, friendship and lots of smiles !



We need people on the course, as cross country stewards, dressage shuttling duties, bars pickers etc …

Thanks to all of you, the holding of this event would not be possible without you.