logoChateaubriant’s competition is an International Horse Trials.

The event takes place at the racecourse and the Parc de Choisel. The Parc de Choisel is located between the hospital and Chateaubriant racecourse.

The dressage takes place on the central concourse of the racecourse, the show jumping at the entrance of the racecourse and the cross country, across the Parc de Choisel.

Organising the event

The purpose of the Association Castel Competition Equestre is to organise the horse trials. It has thirty or so members and relies on over 180 volounteers, friends, riders, people passionate about horse trials during the actual event.

Between 1996 and 2000, it organised the Pony Trials in Choisel and more importantly the regional finals in 1998, 1999 and 2000.

In 2004, it organised, for the first time in Pays de la Loire, the Pony Grand Prix. The Pony Grand Prix is one of the most beautiful in France alongside Pompadour’s.

In 2009, a new milestone is reached : competitions over 2 consecutive weekends, the second one being a horse competition with professionnal events.

In 2012, it hosted for the first time a stage of the “Tournée des AS jeunes” (The best junior riders) as well as the Regional Amateur Championship.

In 2013, the association receives the trophy for Best Horse Trials Organisers on a national level. The trophy was awarded and presented by France Complet.

In 2014, it reaches a new milestone and gets the International recognition with its first CCI 1 star and CIC 2 stars.

In 2016, the association receives the trophy for Best Horse trial on an International Level. The trophy was awarded and presented by France Complet.

Honorary President : Alain Hunault, Mayor of Chateaubriant

The Association Office dsc_0018

President : Yves Després

Vice-President : Régine Martineau

Treasurer :  Dominique Bonnelie

Vice Treasurer : Catherine Albrespy

Secretary : Françoise Després

Vice Secretary: Corinne Frangeul

trophee_france_complet_2016Event Technical Direction

Competition President: Yves Després

Technical Delegates : Guillaume Blanc – Pascal Béatrix

Cross Country Course Manager : Fabrice Gibault

Show Jumping Course Manager : Claris Macaud

Paddock Commissionners: Philippe Juvin, Patricia et Alain Evrard, Loic Guillot, Olivier Chollet, Lucie Henry

Results administration and Time Keeping : Horses and Competitions, Nicole Lopez, Thomas Lefevre

Track Director and Cross Commissioner : Catherine Albrespy

Veterinarians : Caroline Tessier – Anne-Juliette Gouze – Aurélie Vaultier

Stable Managers : Fabienne Perez de los Rios – Laetitia Robin

Speakers: Yann Pierre

General Security : Jean-Marc Foreau – Noël Bonnelie – Gerard Bourguoin

Cross Country : Jean-Louis Rigaud – René Guibert – Corinne Frangeul

Show Jumping : Aude Despres

Amateurs car park reception:  Rene Guibert
Reception: Régine Martineau
Awards Presentation :  Aude et Lise Després
Catering: Françoise Després – Evelyne Vennat – Hugues Kerdudo – Emmanuel Hougron – Dominique Bonnelie



Sponsors and exhibitors village : Françoise Després
External relations and Website : Yves Després – Pauline Chevalier – Nathalie Way

Community Manager : Pauline Frangeul
Video footage – photos : Fernand Havard – Charlotte Aubry
Surveillance: Christian Rifflet, Adrien Robin, Jean-Pierre Neveu, Laeticia Robin


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