Reception and welcome

The reception of the CCI will start from the Wednesday at 8 am at the racecourse stables.



– If you wish to arrive early, please let us know, we will welcome you.


– If you come with horses for the amateurs events and if the riders are not self reliant for equipments ( vans, horse gear), please let us know, we will make sure that their stables are close to your CCI horses and your van.




– The access to the CCI stables will be controlled with a bracelet. You will be welcomed by our daytime stable manager (Fabienne Perez de Los Rios +33 6 74 96 09 62) and by one of the association volunteer security at night. We will welcome you 24/24h. The halter’s number must be worn at all time.

-The 60 permanent box stalls will be allocated to the CCI horses. Once we have reached 60 registered, the CCI horses will be allocated to temporary stables.

– 6 horse showers, a large hall for horse care, showers and changing rooms for the riders and grooms.

– Audio feedback from the cross country course to the stables.

– relaxing areas close to the stables, in a enclosed park.

– Bar opened from 7am to 7.30pm from the Wednesday.

– The CCI 1 star and CCI*2L horse inspection will take place at the top of the visitors carpark on the racecourse. There will be no veterinary inspection for the CCI 3*S.

Carpark : large carparks, easily accessible to vans and lorries, electricity point, do not forget to request it.

Relaxation area : relaxation area close to the stables – possibility to lounge your horse on a small sand arena.

Box Stalls : 60 permanent stables are made available by the racecourse company. Once 60 horses have been reached in the CCI, we will use temporay stables. The 60 permanent stables will be allocated to CCI horses.

Woodshavings and hay sale at the racecourse stables

Hay : 8€ the small bale

Woodshavings : 15€ the bale of 25 kg