What is complete Horse trials?

The Horse Trials is an Olympic sport, and is without a doubt the most spectacular of all equestrian competitions. It includes 3 distinct events that a rider must complete with the same horse : dressage, cross country and Show jumping, over 1, 2 or 3 days.

cha_3108The dressage means beauty and elegance. The horse and rider must complete a set movements between markers in a dressage enclosed arena of 60 m x 20m, at the three paces : walk, trot and gallop. These movements are noted by a jury made of 2 judges who will  note the precision of the movement, the paces of the horse, the ease of the rider and the horse and rider couple harmony.

The average mark is transformed into a penalty score.




cha_7526The Cross Country : The most spectacular of events. It is a course that is run in a natural environment and with natural fixed obstacles. It must be completed withing a set time. After the Cross country, the horse is inspected to check on his general wellbeing and his aptitude to carry on eventing. (lameness is disqualifying)





Show Jumping is the last event and also the better known and most practised. It is a course of mobile obstacles to complete within a set time. The riders start in reverse order from the ranking results. The fall of just one bar can result in the loss of one or more places.cha_6348

Whether we are horse lovers or a newcomer in horse riding does not matter. The complete horse trials is a show in itself and is a perfect alliance of sport and nature. This might explain the growing public and media interest for this event.

The French team, Nicolas Touzaint, Cedric Lyard, Jean Teulière and Arnaud Boiteau, became Olympic champion in 2004 in Athens. And again in 2016 in Rio with Nicolas Astier, also winner of the Pony Grand Prix in 2005, Mathieu Lemoine, Thibaut Valette and Karim Laghouag. It is an honour to welcome these riders who regularly participate with us.